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Calling All Bloggers!

help wanted

Guest Bloggers Wanted!!

We are offering an opportunity for individuals with knowledge, experience, and/or expertise in counseling to blog on counseling related topics. We are currently looking for individuals who can blog on the following topics:

1)Choosing a counseling program CACREP vs Non-CACREP

2) How to make yourself more marketable as a new graduate/counselor

3) Putting theory into practice ( CBT, SFT, Reality Therapy, etc)

4) Other topics: feel free to suggest a topic that would be helpful to our readers which are mainly student counselors in training.

We are also looking for individuals to help us compile a study guide for the National Counselor Examination.  We’d like to offer a free resource that students can use to study for the NCE. Nothing like this currently exists; but with your help, we can create such a resource. Ideal candidates for this project include those who are currently students in a counseling program,  those who are studying to take the NCE, and those who have recently taken the NCE.

This is a great opportunity for student and professional counselors!! To take advantage of this unique opportunity, please submit a request through our Contact page!


About Tunisha Potter, Student Counselor Intern

Hello! I am Tunisha. I recently graduated with a master’s in counseling and guidance with a specialization in mental health/community counseling. I am currently in the process of becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the state of Texas.

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