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Preparing for the certification exam for substance abuse counselors, or the Alcohol and Drug Counselor (ADC) exam by the IC&RC, can be a challenging but enjoyable task, especially if you (the c…

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About Samantha DeLint-Neely

Hi! I am the author of LCDC Exam Review, and online study guide for the Alcohol and Drug Counselor certification exam. Check out my blog and Youtube channel, where you can find short lessons to help you prepare for the LCDC, CAD, CADC, CSAC, ADC exams. Learn more about me by visiting my LinkedIn profile. I successfully passed the IC&RC ADC exam in May 2013, on my first attempt!

4 comments on “Study Tips « LCDC Exam Review

  1. hello Samantha my name is Alicia and I am a CADC II / ICADC an internationally certified drug and alcohol counselor in CA. I am going to be moving to texas and I would like to know if my credential and the 6,000 hrs in the field of addiction plus my certification will go towards LCDC. The LCDC says it requires 4,000 hrs and 300 practicum hrs, I have all that. Do I still need to get a degree or associates degree to be able to get my LCDC?

    • Hi Alicia:

      I don’t think you need to get a degree in Texas, since you are already certified internationally and, thanks to the IC&RC reciprocity, you might be able to get your LCDC without a problem. Since I don’t have a definite answer about this, please go to the Reciprocity page on the IC&RC website (internationalcredentialing.org/reciprocity), in which they offer information about this process. Also, contact the LCDC Program in Texas at the DSHS and talk to them about your relocation to Texas and the reciprocity process. Here’s their information:

      Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor Program – Contact Us
      Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor Program
      Texas Department of State Health Services MC-1982
      Mail Code 1982
      P.O. Box 149347
      Austin , Texas 78714-9347

      Email: lcdc@dshs.state.tx.us
      Telephone: (512) 834-6605
      Fax: (512) 834-6677

      (Website, dshs.state.tx.us/lcdc/)

      I hope this is helpful! Happy holidays – Samantha

  2. Hi Samantha, can we have a phone conversation regarding this exam? If so would you call me at 903559337 or I can call you. I took this exam a few years ago, I was 50 points from passing that’s with no study guide, This was not my area of concentration in college. Thanks

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